Instant Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS can be used by business , community groups, marketing agencies or anyone wishing to communicate with a large group of people. PaylessSMS Bulk SMS allows you to measure the impact of your sent messages, you can track your delivery reports and if you include a link, you can measure the amounts of hits and/or sales the SMS led to.

Some Features Of Bulk SMS Marketing

  • Send To Large Numbers At A Go
  • Instant Delivery To Recipients
  • Multiple gateway connectivity

PaylessSMS Bulk SMS Marketing: These sms are sent only for the purpose of branding, marketing or creating an awareness of your product or services to your clients. Basically majority of sms are sent to random numbers so that company gets the maximum benefit in terms of business. The reason why everyone wants to do sms marketing is because of statistics, as per surveys. PaylessSMS Bulk SMS has the maximum open ratio as compared to any marketing platform, because it directly targets phones and it becomes obvious to get the best result.

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  • What Is Bulk SMS Marketing

    1. Dissemination Of Large Numbers Of SMS

    Bulk messaging with PaylessSMS is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing ) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

    2. Advantages Of Bulk SMS Campaign With PaylessSMS

    • Latest and quickest way to market a business
    • SMS messages are quickly sent, read more or less instantly (within 5 seconds on average) and quickly responded to
    • For small to medium sized businesses the cost of outdoor advertising like Newspaper ads, commercials etc. is excessive. On the other hand, Bulk SMS services have low set up and running costs. Campaigns can be launched and implemented for a tiny fraction of cost, yet you can contact 1000 customers in a matter of seconds.

    3. Integration with marketing campaigns Using PaylessSMS

    One major benefits of Bulk text messaging is the potential it has when it is integrated into marketing campaigns. Social and traditional media are not always the most effective methods to reach your customers on time. Simply incorporate SMS with other marketing methods and reach your target audience on time ensuring that they know what you are offering.

    Start A Campaign

    Segment Your Audience

    when you dig a bit deeper, you find that when you send the right message to the right customer, they say “I liked that message, but that wasn’t marketing, that was useful!”

    Segmentation and targeting means ensuring any individual gets the message most relevant to them. It can make the difference between seeming like an informational message and spam.

    As they say, timing is everything. There are two important aspects of timing that you should pay attention to if you want your SMS campaign to be successful. First, open-ended messages are less successful than messages that have deals that expire. Create the text of your SMS to portray that the deal “expires soon” or something similar.

    Timing Is Key

    You want to make sure your SMS messages are sent at opportune times. For example when someone buys a particular product, you could send him or her an SMS message about a related product in hopes of getting him or her interested.

    • Marketing emails on Saturdays often produce dire results, but SMS can often have its best day on a Saturday. Experiment with timing.
    Illustration of safety.

    There’s Power in Triggered Messages!

    The average email open rate climbs gradually after sending for about 24 hours. The average SMS open rate spikes, with 70% of opens happening in the first 60 minutes.
    This immediacy allows for triggered SMS messages. For example, if you have a regular customer over a period of time, and they stop coming into your store, you can send them a text with deals to get them to come back.
    These messages can be triggered by any action (or inaction) by the customer, from not coming to visit your ecommerce shop to buying a particular product. These triggered messages are also great ways to ask for feedback from your customers
    This may be the most important tip to follow if you want your SMS campaign to be successful. For one thing, remember that most carriers limit the length of a text message to 160 characters. Besides that, however, the faster you get to the meat of your message, the better.