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You see it all the time. In classes—in the cafeteria—and everywhere in between, students are constantly on their phones sending text messages. Research shows that they spend an average of 8 hours (male) to 10 hours (female) every day using their cell phones. Which explains why 90% of all messages get read in less than three minutes.

You can deploy two-way SMS messaging

  • It also explains why educational institutions of all sizes are turning to SMS when they need to get through to students, or improve communications with their parents and teachers. A text message costs just pennies to send, but its impact on educational outcomes can be invaluable. Use it to reduce truancy, improve student performance, or minimize administrative costs.

PaylessSMS gateway matches replies to specific messages sent so that you can keep track of responses at a glance. This is called message tagging and it's a unique feature of two-way messaging which tells your application exactly which outbound message corresponds to a given reply (important for transactional messaging applications)

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How SMS Can Help Your School Make the Grade

1. How does two-way SMS messaging work?

Use automated updates for admissions applications, course scheduling, and exam results to reduce inbound calls and emails from prospective students

2. Billing reminders and payment notifications help students stay on top of their tuition and loans

Improve attendance rates by integrating SMS with your attendance system to automatically notify parents when students miss class, PaylessSMS gives you a cost-effective way to broadcast emergency notifications and closure information to thousands of people with just a click of the mouse. Two-way SMS lets you send appointment reminders to reduce costly no shows and help students stay on top of their busy schedules. Instantly send status updates for shared assets like labs, library books, and computing resources. Send students text message alerts for campus events and give them a convenient way to RSVP

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At PaylessSMS, we understand the unique needs of educational institutions and can help you harness the power of text messaging in your school.

We offer an SMS platform—SMS APIs, web, or email—for programs of all sizes. Whether you need a cost-effective solution for sending individual appointment reminders or complete SMS integration with your course scheduling system, our team of experts can help you get going quickly.

What Is Audience Segmentation In Mass Communication?

Audience segmentation is a process of dividing people into homogeneous subgroups based upon defined criterion such as product usage, demographics, psychographics, communication behaviors and media use.

There’s Power in Triggered Messages!

The average email open rate climbs gradually after sending for about 24 hours. The average SMS open rate spikes, with 70% of opens happening in the first 60 minutes.
This immediacy allows for triggered SMS messages. For example, if you have a regular customer over a period of time, and they stop coming into your store, you can send them a text with deals to get them to come back.
These messages can be triggered by any action (or inaction) by the customer, from not coming to visit your ecommerce shop to buying a particular product. These triggered messages are also great ways to ask for feedback from your customers
This may be the most important tip to follow if you want your SMS campaign to be successful. For one thing, remember that most carriers limit the length of a text message to 160 characters. Besides that, however, the faster you get to the meat of your message, the better.